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Our student journalists cover the unveiling of

Ed Bradley Mural

A group of seven students that I had the pleasure to train covered the unveiling of the Ed Bradley Mural as photo journalist. The event sponsored by the Ed Bradley foundation and the Philadelphia Mural Arts program showcased the work of the artist Ernel Martinez and the legacy of the great journalistic work of Philadelphia's own Ed Bradley. We are really looking forward to doing more projects with the Ed Bradley foundation in the future.

Students with Artist Ernel Martinez

See the students great work here!

Video Visionaries Director Shannon Newby and Ed Bradley Foundation Director Patricia Blanchett
Video Visionaries

Since 2010, I have been teaching film-making in Philadelphia high schools and through summer programs. In the upcoming school year, I will be expanding my film program into many new platforms. The program is officially named

Video Visionaries. If you are interested in learning more about the program or hiring some really great, talented professional students to help you with your media needs

(Of course I'm bias) go to the new Also check out the fantastic work of my students on the new Video Visionaries YouTube channel.

Speaking on some Cool Things

I was blessed to be invited as a speaker at the BrandyWine Workshop Cultural Equity forum. I shared what cultural equity meant to me as a life long filmmaker and veteran educator. I also got to meet Sonia Sanchez.  So yes, very cool. Check out the video.

Heavy Sedation - The Graphic Novel


I confess. I am comic book geek. Ever since I read Uncanny X-men 162 in 1982 I was hooked. So a short 35 years later, I am finally preparing for the publishing of my first comic.

What took so long?

After my first feature film 'Dirty Laundry (Air it Out) was distributed nation wide. I tried to find a carve a space for myself in te comic book industry only to realize it was just as tough to crack as the film industry. So I decided then that when I was ready to go I wanted to control the means of production.

I'm ready.

Our first title  will be Heavy Sedation. A brand new story with the same old weirdness. Stay tuned.

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