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Out the House Media creates and distributes story driven content for the Web, Television, and Theater.

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Dirty Laundry (Air it Out)
The cult classic indie film that started it all.
This award winning feature film about one night in an all night Laundromat where chance encounters change lives was written and directed by Shannon Newby and seen all over the world.

Originally released in 2000, distributed nationally in 2003. 


Heavy Sedation is a weekly series of comical, twisted, and uplifting short stories, told using the same actors, playing different characters, in different original stand alone stories. It has been called ‘A hip funny Twilight Zone  by radio personality Charing Ball.

Heavy Sedation was a national and international television show airing on 48 tv station in the US through NETA. It also aired In several provinces of Canada.

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My Journey So Far is an inspiring Vlog series where award winning veteran filmmaker Shannon Newby tells life lessons he learned through his experiences as an independent filmmaker and content creator.

Dropping Knowledge with Rumble and Frenzi is a hip hop series breaking down the art and business of the music industry. Complete Series now on YouTube

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Needle to the Groove is documentary about Philly DJ legends coming together for a historic photo. Hosted by Cool DJ Frank. Interviews featuring DJ Cash Money, Grand Wizard Rasheen, DJ Acktive, DJ Sparkles, DJ D Square, DJ Bruiser, DJ Excel, DJ Grand V, DJ Black, DJ Misery, DJ, Miz, DJ Kid Swift, DJ Randy Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Quest love, Dj Skip Mode, Charlie Mack, Mayor Michael Nutter, Jonene Taddei

Needle to the Groove

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