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‘Dirty Laundry’ -The story of one night in an all night Laundromat where the characters air their ‘Dirty Laundry’ and become clean of their life problems by nights end

The story opens with MAC awakening from a nightmare at 2:13 AM. When he cannot return to sleep he walks around the corner to the ‘all night’ Laundromat to wash his clothes. To his surprise, the overnight attendant is JERRY an old friend from high school. As they discuss old times, TAMIKA an attractive woman comes in with her very massive, and heinous looking boyfriend JEROME. Mac realizes he once encountered Tamika through a long ago one-night stand. When the menacing boyfriend leaves, Mac begins to make jokes about her to Jerry. Tamika overhears them and is so furious; she promises them painful retribution when Jerome returns. As the night goes on, Jerry tries to calm the mounting situation as Mac continually pushes Tamika’s buttons.

 While Mac and Jerry are awaiting impending doom, numerous colorful characters find their way into the Laundromat such as “Melvin” an ‘old head’ philosophical pizza deliveryman, and “Agnes” an elderly bag lady who talks more to herself than to other people. But, before this very eventful night comes to an end, everyone who enters this Laundromat will find themselves asking question about life, morality and normality.


Written and Directed by Shannon Newby


Copyright 2000. Released 2003

 Runtime 90 minutes-

Shot on 16 millimeter film


Best Picture Philadelphia International Film Festival 2001


Best Director 

Atlantic City Film Festival 2001


I was one of the first people in the U.S. to sell my own independent movie nationally to major retailers while keeping my publishing rights.
They now call this Hybrid distribution. I called it avoiding bankruptcy


At BlockBusters in Philly in 2003

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